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24 Months To Our First Million
Do you realize if every one of you follows through with adding just two Team Captains to your personal network, we will reach our first million members in less than 24 months. Add to that the commitment from every single member to contact their lawmakers monthly with our Strength In Numbers rallies and we become the largest, most powerful conservative organization in the United States, three fold!

So what are you waiting for? Get back with your Team Leader and ask for help in finding your two Team Captains and get started on your personal network.

“Don’t just watch history, make history”
Watch List

Now that Obama has fulfilled destiny, our battles are becoming easier to define. The liberal Congress is being pretty open about what their agenda is and unfortunately, most of it would be detrimental to our freedoms, our sovereignty and our Constitution.

On the Watch list includes:
More Bailouts for private companies/industries – Government intervention in free market corrections prevent the free market from working and sends the wrong message.
Universal Government Run Health Care – Despite recent successes and the media claiming health care reform is dead, it is never dead and we need to keep a watchful eye over the tactics used to cram this through.
Exploding spending, deficits and debt – The deficits planned by the current administration in the next 10 years will eclipse the total deficits created by the United States in all 235 years prior to it… COMBINED. In addition to destroying our currency, credit and financial system, the spending helps create a permanent dependency mentality among citizens that must be addressed.
Cap & Trade emission credits – This plan is a deliberate effort to jack energy prices sky high and literally destroy the fuel that runs our economy. The Global Warming experts have been totally discredited and people all around the world are quickly becoming aware of the truth that this is a complete scam and needs to be stopped. The media still runs cover, but it’s getting more and more difficult every day.
Universal Government pre-school – The nanny state cradle to grave indoctrinations to assure the government maintains control over its citizens lives for their entire lives. Not much free about that.
The Fairness Doctrine – This effort to silence conservative talk radio is a major assault on our first amendment right to free speech.
Amnesty for Illegals – We defeated this thing twice, but expect them to try again
Lack of Border Control or immigration law enforcement – They passed laws that sounded good, but do everything to not enforce them. We cannot forget about it.
Capital Gains tax increases – This would discourage savings, investment and lower total revenues. Not a good formula for economic prosperity.
Employee Free Choice Act – Contrary to its name, this eliminates the secret ballot for establishing unions, which is far from free choice.

We will stay on top of these issues and others and be ready to act when necessary. These issues should serve as a benchmark for what we will be contacting our lawmakers about. Each month, we will issue one Strength In Numbers rally, where you will be contacting your lawmaker’s office either by phone, email or letter to let them know your position on the relevant subject at issue for that month.

Be sure to stand with us and commit to putting your principles into action. It only takes a few minutes a month to make your voice heard and with millions of other voices behind you, it will be a powerful one.

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